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Ina Earlene Fisher and her inventions

November 29, 2016

Ina Earlene Fisher was not only a wife, mother, grandmother, rancher, and schoolteacher. She was an accomplished inventor of medical devices. Her partner in the business, Richard Rainey, and Ina Earlene Fisher saw a need for a device that would keep x-rays that were produced by fluorescent lights from harming patients and clouding x-rays in a clinical setting. Research also showed that children were more prone to hyperactivity when exposed to these X-rays. In addition their research showed that these X-rays also adversely affected animals.

 After a year of researching and prototyping they were finally awarded US patent 4684810 A for an “X-ray shield for fluorescent light tube”. This invention went on to become very popular not only in doctor’s offices but also schools, veterinarian offices, and animal habitats.

Ina Earlene Fisher also invented the “Slim Neck Exercise Collar”. A device that uses the wearers body heat to slim the neck area. The device consisted of a lambs wool collar with a silk lining that the user would wear around their neck. The device would raise the body temperature in the neck area causing the neck muscles to tone themselves with no effort by the wearer. This device was awarded patent number US 6190288 B1 from the Us patent office on February 20, 2001. This device also won the Hangbruten design award in 2001 and was in a number of major retail outlets.

Ina Earlene Fisher and Richard Rainey went on to create more medical devices with some success.
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